Planting Trees in North Texas After the Hard Freeze of 2021

Graphic of United States hardiness zones from 1990 and 2015.
Source: USDA and Arbor Day

Choosing a tree that can thrive in the best Hardiness Zone

The hard freeze this February was difficult for several tree species in North Texas. If you’re a homeowner in North Texas who lost a tree, you might be considering a replacement.

But before you decide on a species, we would recommend that you consider trees that do well in U.S. Hardiness Zone 7. Trees that thrive in Zone 7 can survive extended periods of 10 to 0 degrees F.

2015 changes to the Hardiness Zones

In 2015, the USDA altered the Hardiness Zones to reflect a warming trend. Currently, North Texas is classified as Hardiness Zone 8: 20 to 10 degrees F. The hard freeze of 2021, in which temperatures dipped far below these numbers for an extended period of time, proved difficult for many trees and plants.

For more on the history of alterations by the USDA to U.S. Hardiness Zones, see the Arbor Day site:

Arbor Day: Hardiness Zone Changes

For general planting recommendations and tree selection, see Tree Care Tips by Tiana: Planting.

Krista White

Krista White

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