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Tree Shepherds has been locally owned and operated by ISA Certified Arborists since 2009. We are fully insured with an impeccable safety record. Our expertly trained crews offer professional, friendly care for all your tree service needs: pruning, removal, stump grinding, sick tree diagnosis, and much more. Please contact us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate at your home or business in Denton, Texas.

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Serving the City of Denton and Surrounding Areas

  • Bent Creek Estates
  • Chaucer Estates
  • Lexington Park
  • Post Oak Crossing
  • Wheeler Ridge
  • Oaks of Montecito
  • Northwood Estates
  • Tuscan Hills
  • Robson Ranch
  • Rayzor Ranch
  • Shady Shores
  • Cielo Ranch
  • Coronado Village
  • Lakeview Ranch
  • Cypress Point
  • Unicorn Lake
  • Forest Meadows
  • Sundown Ranch
  • Wind River
  • Hickory Creek
  • Old Alton Estates
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Tree Pruning

At Tree Shepherds, our goal is to make the tree look as natural as possible. Trees need to be trimmed according to the natural shape of the tree in order to ensure its health and longevity. In other words, we will not leave your tree looking like a stem of broccoli.

Stump Grinding

We can remove any size stump, using professional grade stump grinders that we own and maintain. Our trained arborists take great care to shreds the unwanted stump into a pile of mulch without damaging your lawn. Cost depends on size, age, and accessibility of the stump.

Tree Removal

We have all the expertise and equipment to remove any size tree, large or small. If a tree is too close to a home or other building, crane-assisted removal is available. All large tree removals that we have performed since 2009 have been done so safely and efficiently.

Sick Tree Diagnosis

If there is evidence that a tree is sick, such as leaves wilting or turning the wrong color, leaves falling off, leaves that are thin, brittle branches, etc., our ISA certified arborists can identity the problem and prescribe a cure or treatment plan, if possible. Our arborists spend as long as needed – usually 30 minutes to an hour – to examine your tree and its environment as well as ask the homeowner about any possible factors. There is a small fee for the Arborist’s time and expertise. It is our goal to suggest services that are necessary and that will benefit the tree’s health and longevity, whenever possible.

Lot Clearing, Root Flare Exposure, and More

In addition to the tree services listed above, we also offering lot and land clearing, root flare exposure, cabling and bracing, deep root tree fertilization, insect and disease control, tree surveys and appraisals, plant health care evaluations and more.

For more information, please see our Services page or contact us.

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