High-Quality Seasoned Firewood

**SOLD OUT. We are sold out of firewood at this time (11/12/21). If you wish to be added to a waiting list, please fill out the form below. Or, you can check back for updates on availability.

High-quality seasoned firewood is available for pickup or free delivery in Denton County, Texas. We offer reasonable prices on oak and mixed hardwoods. A $40 discount is available per cord picked up at our Lake Dallas location. And we’ll help you load!

For questions regarding availability or to schedule a delivery/pickup date, please fill out the form below.

Requests for pieces of a specific length are available for an additional $40.

Pricing and Available Wood

Hardwoods***SOLD OUTCost
1 bundle (local pickup only)$15
1/4 cord$70
1/2 cord$140
1 cord$280
*Hackberry, Elm, Ash, Bradford Pear, etc.See FAQ below for more details.
Mulberry**SOLD OUTCost
1 bundle (local pickup only)$30
Oak **SOLD OUTCost
1 bundle (local pickup only)$20
1/4 cord$80
1/2 cord$160
1 cord$320
*Free delivery and stacking for 1/4 cord or more.See FAQ below for more details.
“Ugly” Wood* **SOLD OUTCost
1 bundle (local pickup only)$7.50
1/4 cord (local pickup only)$35
1/2 cord (local pickup only)$70
1 cord (local pickup only)$140
*Local pick up onlySee FAQ below for more details.

Firewood Contact

Please note: All firewood-related questions will be answered in 2 to 3 days. Thank you for your patience.

Firewood FAQ

What type of Oak do you have?

There are many varieties of oak. In Denton County, there are at least twenty different species. There are two common groups call Red Oak and White Oak. When splitting firewood, we do not differentiate between these and mix them all together.

However, the most common 3 types of oak that we remove are Post Oak (White Oak family), Live Oak (Red Oak), and Shumard Oak (Red Oak).

What are mixed hardwoods?

We receive our wood from trees that have been removed primarily in the Denton County area. This includes a variety of species, including Hackberry, Bradford Pear, Cedar Elm, American Elm, Ash, Mulberry, and many more.

We exclude species we either know don’t burn well, or are softwoods. Species we do not include are: Bois d’arc, Pine, Cottonwood and Eastern Red Cedar.

Delivery and stacking?

Yes! Our minimum delivery amount is ¼ cord and we can deliver a maximum of 2 cords in one trip. We will also stack it any where you want on your property for no extra cost.

How big are your pieces of wood?

Length: 12 to 22 inches with the average ranging between 16 to 18 inches.

How much wood is in a cord?

A cord of wood is a measurement of 128 cu. ft. with the wood stacked in a way that it can stand alone. Typically, the ends of the stack of wood will be cross stacked for stability, while the middle is stacked parallel for compactness.

Common ways to stack this are 8 ft long x 4 ft deep x 4 ft tall. Or 16 ft long x 2 ft deep x 4 ft tall. Keep in mind, that stacking wood is not an exact science. Someone might stack the same pile of wood twice and get two different measurements. We try to err on the side of giving more.

What is the difference between a rick, a cord, and a face cord?

A Face cord is stacked only 1 log length deep. Since most logs are between 16 to 18 inches, this gives a smaller volume than 128 cu. ft.

A rick is just slightly smaller than ½ cord. It is ½ of a face cord. Another way to say it: It is ½ cord that is stacked only one log length deep. Most firewood racks hold 1 rick.

A cord of wood is a full 128 cu. ft.

Do you carry Pecan, Hickory, or Fruitwoods?

We have a limited supply of pecan. Please contact us for availability.

Hickory and Fruitwoods are rare in Denton County, and we rarely have them in stock. Feel free to ask though!

Why should I buy from Tree Shepherds?

That tree that you see removed from your neighbor’s backyard? That’s what you’re receiving after it has been processed. We do our best to not waste anything and keep wood from the landfill.

We also do our best to be honest and fair with all our customers. If you feel like you didn’t get a fair deal, please call us back and we’ll work with you.