About Us

Since 2009, Tree Shepherds has provided professional, certified full-service tree care for residents of Denton County.

The Tree Shepherds team of arborists is led by ISA Board Certified Master Arborist, Scott Geer. Each member of the team is fully insured and trained to meet the highest standards of professional conduct and safety in the tree care industry.

Our Team

  • Scott Geer

    Scott Geer

    Owner/Master Arborist
  • Clayton Geer

    Clayton Geer

    Owner/Certified Arborist
  • Ethan Geer

    Ethan Geer

  • Kim Sterenberg

    Kim Sterenberg

    Director of Operations
  • Stan Williams

    Stan Williams

    Certified Arborist/Sales
  • Tiana George

    Tiana George

    Certified Arborist/Climber
  • John Pinney

    John Pinney

  • Aaron Ellis

    Aaron Ellis

    Certified Arborist/Quartermaster
  • Kodey Miller

    Kodey Miller

    Arborist/Plant Health Care
  • Rebekah Link

    Rebekah Link

  • Austin Mago

    Austin Mago

  • Brad Dahl

    Brad Dahl

  • Joe Sansoucie

    Joe Sansoucie

  • Tami Geer

    Tami Geer

    Arborist/Plant Health Care
  • Felicius Bucyukundi

    Felicius Bucyukundi

  • Ben Sterenberg

    Ben Sterenberg

  • Shirley Cassidy

    Shirley Cassidy

    Office Administrator

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