How to Help Your Trees Weather a Storm

Many trees in residential areas suffered some form of damage during the storms in May. Thankfully, there are ways to mitigate the dangers and the destruction to trees caused by storms.

Maintain Good Plant Health Care Practices

Trees are designed to handle the wind. As a look around your neighborhood will demonstrate, most trees lost little more than a few branch tips during the last big storm. Those that did suffer damage, moderate or severe, were probably diseased, improperly cared for, of a problematic species, like the Bradford Pear, or had poor growth patterns.

Here are some basic Plant Health Care practices that will help mitigate storm damage to your trees:

  • Proper irrigation practices year-round (See our post on irrigation.)
  • Regular pruning to remove dead and dying branches.
  • Proper pruning techniques (Lion’s tailing is an improper pruning technique that weakens tree structure, making the remaining branches vulnerable to breakage during a storm.)
  • Root care : excavation, mulching, and protection from lawnmowers and other machinery.
  • Regular inspection of the canopy and trunk for disease, decay, cracks, and infestation.
  • Proper soil management and fertilization, as needed.

Choosing Quality Trees

Trees like the Bradford Pear are known for fast growth and weak limbs. In high winds, they can topple over and/or lose a large limb. This is extremely hazardous to people and property. Tree Shepherds does not recommend planting such trees in residential areas and elsewhere. For a list of trees that we recommend for North Texas weather, please read The Five Best Shade Trees for North Texas.

Preparing for the Next Storm

Inspect your trees for damage. If you notice any cracked or broken branches of any size, call an ISA Certified Arborist to have the damaged portion safely and professionally pruned.

If you live in the North Texas area and would like more information about proper Plant Health Care practices for your specific situation, please contact Tree Shepherds to set up an appointment with one of our Plant Health Care specialists.    

Krista White

Krista White

Krista is a member of the marketing and education team at Tree Shepherds. A lifelong learner, she loves writing about anything from Hemingway to Quercus macrocarpa.