Heavy Rainfalls Can Stress Trees

Basic Tree Care Tips for Above Normal Rainfalls

When average rainfalls are up, tree owners need to be careful. Too much irrigation can stress trees. Follow these basic tree care tips to keep your trees healthy and thriving in any season.

Tree in Texas suburban landscape with root flares underwater.

Know Your Trees

While certain tree species handle excessive rainfalls better than others, some species, such as Post Oaks, are more drought tolerant and do not thrive with “wet feet.” In short, know your trees and adjust your watering schedule according to recent rainfall amounts.

Adjust Your Watering Schedule

The irrigation needs of your trees and the turf grass planted over their roots are not always the same. Quite often they are very different. Even in dry months, many homeowners tend to over-water their trees in an attempt to keep their lawn looking green.

Summer Months and Beyond

For more information on how to adjust your watering schedule during any season, check out these resources:

Krista White

Krista White

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