Benefits of Winter Pruning

Long-term Impact of a Hard Freeze

The damage done by the 2021 hard freeze will be with us for many years. Many oaks and ashes were hit hard. And while your trees might appear to have recovered well, inspecting the trunk and the canopy for dead branches is highly recommended.

Photo: Kristin Full, CC 2.0

Safety Issues

Cold weather will only make a dead branch more fragile. For the safety of all concerned, it is best to remove dead branches as soon as possible. Dead branches and trees can fail without warning.

Consult an ISA Certified Arborist

Pruning that is improperly done can hurt the health of the tree. In order to get the most benefits from winter pruning, we recommend contacting an ISA certified arborist who is fully insured and who works with crews that have been trained according to industry standards.

Krista White

Krista White

Krista is a member of the marketing and education team at Tree Shepherds. A lifelong learner, she loves writing about anything from Hemingway to Quercus macrocarpa.