What is Plant Health Care for Trees?

A beautiful landscape is made up of healthy plants. And while plants have basic needs, caring for a landscape with several different species of plants can require some planning and consideration. Plant Health Care is a holistic approach to caring for all the plants on your property, especially the most valuable ones—your trees.

Tree with sun shining through the canopy.
Photo by Gayatri Malhotra.

Plant Health Care’s Holistic Approach

Plant Health Care approaches the maintenance of tree health within the context of your home’s landscape. Sharing common resources with surrounding plants, namely soil and water, necessitate a comprehensive approach. For example, most sprinkler systems are set to benefit the turfgrass. However, trees have different needs than turfgrass, in terms of water. Watering schedules, the use of herbicides, and other health care maintenance treatments should be applied with consideration to the needs of all affected plants. This will help you to prevent plant disease and ensure a healthy, beautiful landscape.

The Importance of Prevention

At the center of Plant Health Care’s holistic approach is prevention. Choosing a tree species that can thrive in an urban environment and within the weather zone that you live in are several important factors to consider. The turfgrass species you choose to grow under the canopy of your tree is another consideration. Most species of turfgrass do not grow well in full shade. Taking proactive steps such as these is part of Plant Health Care. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

The Benefits of Plant Health Care for Trees

One of the biggest benefits of Plant Health Care is the health and longevity of a tree. A holistic approach to your landscape needs takes into consideration the many factors that can promote tree health and guard against disease and pests. It can take a lifetime to replace a mature tree. Careful consideration of a tree’s water, soil and environmental needs will help ensure that it will be around for many generations to come.

Krista White

Krista White

Krista is a member of the marketing and education team at Tree Shepherds. A lifelong learner, she loves writing about anything from Hemingway to Quercus macrocarpa.