Trees Love Rich Compost

By Beau Propes, Composting Expert, Owner of

A great way to help trees, especially when they are stressed, is by adding organic matter to the soil. This can be done by spreading organic compost, or top dressing with compost around the tree’s root area, out a few feet past the drip line.

Man with handful of compost.
Photo: Normanack, on Flickrr.

Compost spreading is a way of duplicating nature’s technique of breaking down organic matter to unlock and recycle nutritional benefits into the soil, making them available for uptake by living root systems.

The benefits of spreading compost over a tree’s root zone are amazing: reduce harmful soil compaction, help aeration, retains water, improves soil health and structure, delivers more nutrients, repair landscaper damage and makes your trees more beautiful. Composting promotes the natural benefits to environment by recycling. 

We at Earth Kind Services recommend spreading about ½ inch layer of compost if spreading in grass areas under trees, it will benefit your lawn as well. If in bedding areas, ½ inch to 1 inch will do fine. You can do this yourself or hire a professional top dressing company to do the top dressing.

Nature will look after your compost layer, as rain will dampen it down and those busy earthworms and micro-organisms will help work it. If no rain is forecast, water in the compost. Your trees and landscape will thank you for giving the soil a good boost.

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