Root Flare Exposure – Do It Yourself

The most important physiological factor in the health of a tree is the status of the Root Flare area at that base of the tree. It is very important that the root flare be free of soil, mulch, and circling roots.

Tree Shepherds does this for our customers as a service and, unless you are very confident in “do it yourself” projects, we recommend that you utilize our arborists to get this done for you. If you decided to tackle the job yourself, our good friend, Howard Garrett, has put together a good video showing how to do the job with common gardening tools:

 Whether you do this work yourself, or have Tree Shepherds accomplish it for you, we strongly recommend it be done on all of your trees.

Scott Geer

Scott Geer

Scott Geer has a master's degree in forestry from Stephen F. Austin State University and is an ISA Board Certified Master Arborist.® He is also a graduate of the American Society of Consulting Arborists Academy.