Stump Removal

There are many ways to rid your landscape of a tree stump. The most efficient and less intrusive way is to grind a portion of the stump into sawdust and mulch. The sawdust and mulch are then left in place to decompose or it can be replaced with dirt.

Tree Shepherds uses professional-grade machines to grind and remove stumps. Our machines are equipped to remove a stump completely, efficiently in a minimal amount of time with less clean up.

The typical stump grind is 4 to 6 inches in depth. But if specified, we can grind up to 18 inches below the surface.

Stump removal service options

  • Complete stump grind
  • Complete root removal
  • Replace stump remains with dirt

Tree Shepherds is locally and family owned. We ensure high quality tree care that supports the long-term health, structure, and beauty of your trees. Let us help you with your next tree care need or concern.

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