Crane-Assisted Tree Removal

Large Tree Removal

If you have ever seen the amount of damage a tree can do when it falls on a home or a vehicle, then you have an idea of their massive weight. Tree branches alone can crush roofs and demolish cars. The removal of large trees requires expertise and special equipment to remove them safely. Trees that have grown close to a home or in an enclosed area may also require the use of technical rigging or a crane.

Each tree removal, no matter what the size of the tree, requires experience and special training to complete the job safely. Tree Shepherds has a vast amount of expertise in technical rigging and crane-assisted tree removal.

Large tree removal in Denton, Texas.

What You Can Expect from Our Crews

Our crane-assisted crews are…

  • Trained and led by International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborists
  • Fully insured
  • Positive and friendly

Each crane-assisted crew…

  • Follows OSHA standards and guidelines
  • Includes a certified arborist trained in advanced rigging
  • Includes certified arborists experienced with crane-assisted tree removals

Tree Shepherds is locally and family owned. We ensure high quality tree care that supports the long-term health, structure, and beauty of your trees. Let us help you with your next tree care need or concern.

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