Wondering what’s in our toolbox?

The tools and equipment listed below are representative of the brands and/or models that we currently use or have used. This list is in no way a full endorsement of the reliability and safety of every model and brand listed and/or linked. Please refer to product manuals for instructions for use and maintenance.

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Hand tools:

Razorback Shovels
Kobalt Dirt Rakes

Pruning Equipment:

Silky Arborist Professional Hand Saws
Marvin Pole Pruner and Saws

Heavy Equipment:

Bandit Stump Grinder
Vermeer Wood Chipper
Bobcat Skid Steer
Northstar Log Splitter
Ford Trucks

Tree Climbing Gear:

Pfanner Protos helmets

Teufelberger Treemotion Saddle

Teufelberger Climbing Rope

Petzl ZigZag

Petzl Zillon

Teufelberger kit bag 50L

HAAS Knee Ascender

Notch 14oz throw weight

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