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Tree Evaluation and Consultation

Tree care starts with a consultation with a certified arborist.  Trees are very complex organisms and are constantly adjusting to their environment, pathogens, pests, and people in a bid to survice the harsh urban environment.  At Tree Shepherds, we consider every client and every tree as unique.  Many firms will offer to prune, fertilize, or “kill the bugs”, but tree health is much more complex than performing specific services.

Our consultation service will provide a thorough analysis of every specified tree, verbal consultation, and a written report on our findings and recommendations with a general map of your property if requested.

The consultation is the beginning of good care for your trees.  Often, a client has been told that certain things need to be done for their trees by firms that are selling services.  We start with a consultation and if we don’t recommend any services, that is fine with us and saves you money.  We have seen clients with proposals for hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars, when they really only need some simple things done or none at all.

If you like doing things yourself, we will recommend to you what to do and give you some advice on how to do it.  We like do-it-yourselfers and encourge people in this if they are inclined in that direction.

Sometimes a consultation results in a number of recommendations that only a tree care company can provide safely and professionally.  We may propose some of these services ourselves, or may recommend you to “best in class” providers.  Either way, with a consulting report in your hand, you are in control of the care of your trees.

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