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Local businesses that I appreciate

This has nothing to do with tree care or arboriculture, but I like to do business locally and really appreciate when I find a local business that provides a good product or service and takes care of their customers.  Below is a list of local businesses that I have done business with and will do business with again if the need arises.  Each one has provided good service and it was a pleasure doing business with them.

This is my list.  No one has paid to have their business listed, and I haven’t even asked them for permission to list them here.  They are listed only because I appreciate the service they provided me and I want them to be successful in providing that same level of service to my friends and neighbors.


Hal Stewart fixed my mouth!  He is very professional, yet very personable.  He knows what he is doing when it comes to fixing teeth grinding and other jaw alignment issues.  His staff is wonderful, and the whole experience is as good as it ever can be when it comes to going to the dentist.  I would rather dig a ditch all day in North Texas in August than go to the dentist, but Hal and his staff are beginning to soften me on this and he really did fix my teeth and jaw alignment and gave me back a fully functioning set of natural teeth.

Hal Stewart, DDS
6011 Morriss Road ~ Suite 200Flower Mound TX 75028
Pest Control

There are two Pest Control companies that I recommend highly.  The reason that there are two is that we had occasion to use both for various reasons and I would use either one again:

David Kinser Pest Control                                         
1042 E Jeter Rd
Argyle, TX 76226-9591
Tile and Masonry work
Wilfred Rodriquez
(214) 566-7465
Willy is the hardest working man I know.  He is a master craftsman when it comes to tile and can do any masonry work also.  He and his son work together.  The only complaint I have about Willy is that he will not always show up when he says he will, but he is honest and hard working when he is at the job.  Patience with him paid off well as the work that he did was excellent.

 Premier Networking Group

This is a local business networking group that I belong to.  I have met each of the owners of these businesses, but have not done business with all of them.  Here is the link to site that lists these local businesses that are in the group with me:

Muffler Repair

Jerry’s Muffler * Undercar Specialists
Jerry runs a very honest and reasonable shop.  I have a Ford F250 which developed a crack in the muffler pipe.  The Ford dealer wanted over $800 to fix it, but Jerry was able to fix it with a simple weld that has now lasted over four years.  Jerry’s charge – $40.  He is a problem solver and its a great shop to do business with.
House Painting
Paul Jones
(940) 367-7717
Paul is an honest man and goes above and beyond to make the job right.  He has done extensive work for us on some whole house remodel projects and Paul’s work is excellent.  He does what he says he will do when he says he’ll do it.
Pain Management/Massage
Stefania Lee – Therapeutic Bodywork
(972) 539-4600
Stefania is a master at deep muscle and tissue massage.  She can help with cronic pain, etc.  This is not the gently, feel good type of massage, but is purposeful in straightening muscles and tissues and relieving pain.