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Beautiful Post Oak in Flower Mound

September 8, 2015 by Scott

Sometimes developers, the city, and the homeowners get it right.  This park is just south of 1171 on  Regency Park Court.  The “Lone Tree” is a gorgeous post oak that was spared and became the focal point of this park.  The tree is 32.1” dbh (diameter at breast height) and has a great crown and crown spread.  It epitomizes Denton County and is an old remnant of the Cross Timbers Forest that covered this part of Denton County. 

I can only imagine the history that has taken place around and under this tree.  All of the human drama that it has seen.  If the city of Flower Mound continues to care for it (basically do nothing around it, not even water), it will be around to see many more generations of people.  The tree is well over 100 years old, and probably well over 150 years.  Thank you to the people responsible for saving this tree.